Ala Carte


Over the Top is a multi cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Janakpuri, New Delhi. The cuisine is a healthy mix of North Indian, Asian, and Continental cuisines. The pizzas are freshly baked in a wood fired brick oven using special homemade pizza dough making them crisp and fresh.

Over the Top prides itself on serving a well-balanced multi cuisine menu to satisfy the palates of all age groups. Being a multi cuisine restaurant, our menu consists of dishes ranging from Indian Curry, Tandoor, Pan Asian and World Cuisine sections. Our chefs work hard so that quality is reflected in all cuisines, we want your pizza to taste just as good as the Butter chicken. We strive hard to serve you with delicacies from around the world from a truly global kitchen.

Freshness of ingredients and spices is what really sets Over the Top aside from other restaurants in the area. Being strategically located in Janakpuri and serving a diverse audience of West Delhi, OTT has tried to give a unique and hand crafted culinary experience to the guests.

Our Ala Carte menu consists of signature dishes from various cuisines like Indian, Pan Asian, Italian, Mexican etc. Guests can choose from a number of mouth watering dishes and enjoy a truly global culinary experience. The menu gives all family members enough choice to order dishes from their favorite cuisines. Please find below a copy of our Food and Bar Menu.