Restaurant Concept


Over the Top is a multi cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Janakpuri, New Delhi. The cuisine is a healthy mix of North Indian, Asian, and Continental cuisines. The pizzas are freshly baked in a wood fired brick oven using special homemade pizza dough making them crisp and fresh.

Freshness of ingredients and spices is what really sets Over the Top aside from other restaurants in the area. Being strategically located in Janakpuri and serving a diverse audience of West Delhi, OTT has tried to give a unique and hand crafted culinary experience to the guests.

The décor of the restaurant is very contemporary, not leaning towards any cuisine but rather flowing on a theme of a terrace top. The restaurant is partlyindoors and partlyoutdoorsplaying on key elements such as openness of the view and loads of natural light. The idea is to give people a non-claustrophobic environment for them to enjoy a glass of beer or their meal.

The interior design is very soothing to the eyes and exhibits a sense of hand crafted luxury and comfort. This hand crafted luxury flows through the entire experience of the space built, be it the bar, the outdoor Patio, or the inside fine dining area.

The inside dining area is used for prime time dining, especially lunch and dinner. Also the indoor space consists of a live performance area, with the backdrop being a uniquely designed trumpet wall. The indoor dining area also consists of a private dining room, which can be booked out for private dinners or special occasions.

The outside area is designed in a way that is suitable to host private events in the winter season and also for people to have an outdoor sitting where they are able to enjoy meals and drinks.